The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Completing your Adventurous Journeys with Camp Somerset

Somerset provides the opportunity for thousands of Duke of Ed participants to complete their Adventurous Journeys each year. Whether through a School-Specific program, or via our Opens programs for individuals during school holidays. 

We offer tent-based journeys from campsite to campsite across all Award levels: Hiking for Bronze, Pack & Paddle for Silver and the choice of River and Ridge or the Urban Odyssey for Gold!

Students are supported on their journey by our well-established infrastructure, our extensive support network and are accompanied by a qualified Group Leader for the entirety of the expedition. Students will be involved in a repack and gear check and will engage in necessary skills such as map reading and navigation, route planning and campcraft.   

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Our Sept/Oct 2024 Open AJ dates are open for signup!! 

  • Combos are Cool! - get both the Prac and Qual completed in the same visit (of course, there's a night off in the middle to rest, reflect, and repack!) 
  • Bronze - 3days 
  • Silver - 5days
  • Gold - 6days

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Further Duke of Ed Information

Please click below to see a huge range of useful information to help you prepare for your expedition - everything from menu ideas to safety plans.

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Duke of Ed Further Information

 Further Information for Duke of Ed
  Equipment List - Duke of Ed    
  Duke of Ed - Equipment Selection & Packing Tips    
  Duke of Ed - Meal Information & Suggestions    
 Expedition Overview
  Somerset Duke of Ed Expeditions - Overview    
Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Report Templates    
  Bronze AJ Report Template    
  Silver AJ Report Template    
  Gold AJ Report Template    
 Assessor Sign-off for Reports    
  Adventurous Journey Log/Report Assessor Sign-off Instructions    
Duke of Ed Award Information    

Somerset provides expeditions for just the Adventurous Journey section of the Duke of Ed Award. The Award can at times be overwhelming for those with little information and as a result we often get asked questions about the parts of the Award we are not involved in running.

To avoid giving you the wrong information we thought we would point you in the direction of those who are best suited to help you.

If you do have questions you would like answered, you can find valuable resources on the Duke of Ed website - - on this page the Duke of Ed Office recommends you search the following keywords: "award guide" and "checklist" which will provide you access to relevant guides and checklists for each level. If you cannot find the answers to your questions in those resources, you can speak to your school's Award Leader or contact the Duke of Ed Office on 1300 4 DUKES.


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