Let's Hear it from Sophie

Some great insights and a fun story from Sophie - one of our Senior Group Leaders, who will have been with us at Somerset for 4 years this coming July!

'I get to wake up every morning in a different spot. I love camping and my tent, and love the fact that I have the best sleeps whilst I'm out on program'

'I love working with people and sharing the outdoors, and, having so many different students and teachers around all the time.. different cultures, different ages, etc ... makes for great stories on long walks or hilarious jokes around the campfire'

'To work alongside an awesome bunch of colleagues is fantastic. We are a like-minded group who enjoy sharing our passion for the outoors with others. Quite a few of us live on site and the community feel is a great plus' 

'I love the fact that Somerset has managed to find the perfect blend of glamping camping, that engages and involves students in the outdoors without scaring them off!'

'My favourite example of this is teaching students to chop-up a vegies (yes, a lot of students don't really know how) They think that because it's camping that they will hve to do it on the ground, and they get all worried about the dirt, etc. We then have an enjoyable experience chopping up the vegies on a bench. I believe the students are happier, firstly, about eating the food they've prepped and they don’t get a negative experience of the outdoors thinking it’s all “dirty.” Also, they have had a good time learning a simple life skill and maybe they’ll go home and help cook in the future?? It really is a neat blend of getting people outdoors and loving it while still having some lovely comforts of home'

Soph  Soph2