GG Hiking Shoe Comparison

There are a number of different shoes that are suitable for hiking - but which is best for you, the hike you are doing,  your budget and the frequency by which you use them?

When choosing your shoes for a multi-day expedition there are a few areas you need to consider:

1. Type - Basic runners, trail runners, synthetic/leather boots?
2. Price - should I invest in quality boots or use what I have?
3. Durability VS Flexibility - Are they going to last for the amount of hiking I do? Or do I prefer them more flexible to bend with my feet?
4. Versatility - Can I use them for more than just hiking?
5. Safety - Are they grippy and going to protect/support my feet?
6. Break-in period - Do I need to break-in my shoes before a hike?
7. Waterproof / Breathability - Do I need waterproof shoes and/or do I prefer them to have more ventilation?
8. Weight - Do I want light-weight shoes or heavier shoes that will provide more cushioning support when carrying a heavier rucksack?

Need some help choosing? See our handy infographic below or CLICK HERE for a printable PDF copy.


Hiking shoes comparison pg1 Hiking shoes comparison pg2


PS. Don’t forget good socks can also make or break a hiking experience –think thick, protection from friction, compression around the arches, quick-drying/moisture wicking, and woollen or similar material.  Look after your feet they are your mode of transport!

Written by Kelly Aitchison - DoE Administrator