What's New At Somerset! (May 2017)

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Content by Genevieve Colaguiri (School Liaison), graphics by Kelly Aitchison (DoE Administrator).

What's New: Hydration Stations at Camp Somerset

At Camp Somerset we take our water seriously. By carrying reusable water bottle at camp, you will be able to fill it at any of our 20 Hydration Stations located throughout the property. If you’re not properly hydrated, your body can’t perform at it’s highest level. Water regulates your body temperature, it lubricates your joints and transports nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy.

Water at our main camp Hydration Stations is UV treated – an extremely versatile water treatment process. No chemicals, no harmful by-products & does not affect the taste or odour of water. It is one of the most effective ways to destroy 99.99% of disease-causing microbes.

To confirm to Council requirements and Somerset’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP), water is routinely tested by registered Laboratory (Sonic Food & Water testing), NATA Accreditation number 4034.

By keeping vigilant about hydration levels, your body will feel stronger and your mind will be clearer. Your best line of defence is pre-emptively drinking before heading out into hot environments and hydrating regularly during the day. So fill up and drink up!

Written by Kirstin Peralta.

WHAT'S NEW - Somerset's Waitara Office Gets a Make-Over!

There is a buzz about the Waitara Office as construction has begun! Tradies, engineers, the architect, an interior designer and a colour consultant are all on the job planning what the finished product will look like and constructing the second floor extension. The goal is to make room for our fast growing sister company, The Urban Challenge, and to keep up with Somerset's continual evolution. With a third of the building gutted and lots of noise for the first phase, the cement foundation for the second floor extension is now complete and we are getting close to seeing some walls go up.
Check out below the gallery of photos showing the progress since February!

Keep an eye out for more additions to this gallery over the next couple of months.

Written by Kelly Aitchison - DoE Administrator

WHAT'S NEW - Our 2016 Winter Improvement Plans

We have been busy over the last two weeks, and will continue to be over the next seven! Our winter maintenance period is off to a flying start with the majority of our winter improvement plan to-do list already underway or complete!

  • New & Improved Base 7 Activity Site/Campground - We are constructing a new campsite alongside our very popular Base 7 Camouflage Activity. The campsite is a ‘deluxe’ version to one of our typical sites and will feature a raised shelter with permanent roof and a fireplace in the centre. We are currently working on meal ideas for this site – think kebabs, spit roasts, and griddle cakes. The Base 7 activity is also being refurbished with new ‘hides’ and objectives.
  • Tree Health Checks - Our arborists Steve and Zach have been inspecting certain trees around the property, and removing a couple of sick trees from high traffic areas.
  • Gear Checks & Resupply – we have checked all of our gear to ensure it is clean and serviceable for the upcoming Semester. From tents to tongs and from paddles to pizzas pans we have checked, counted, replaced, and cleaned.
  • Updates to Our Safety Management Plan, Staff Operations Manual & Other Important Documents – We are reading through, updating and amending these valuable resources.
  • The Vehicle Fleet Scrub-Down – All vehicles will get a good clean and scrub and thorough check of all parts – from tyres to tail-lights.
  • New Group Leader Training Programme – we have a comprehensive training and familiarisation programme for our newly-arriving Group Leaders. As well as a Remote Area first aid course for those that need to refresh their First Aid and/or CPR certificates and Induction day for all our staff prior to the new season. 
See below some photographs of our winter progress so far! Keep an eye out for more additions to this gallery over the next couple of months.


Written by Genevieve Colagiuri - Schools Liaison