Do you have Duke of Ed questions but don't know who to ask?

Somerset takes bookings and runs quality Duke of Ed expeditions from our property at the Colo Valley for just the Adventurous Journey section of the award. The award can at times be overwhelming for those with little information and as a result we at Somerset often get asked questions about the parts of the award we are not involved in running. To avoid giving you the wrong information we thought we would point you in the direction of those who are best suited to help you.

Please find below an infographic explaining the different stakeholders involved in running the award. You will see in this that Somerset is a Service Provider - we run expeditions for the Adventurous Journey section of the award. Our group leaders are the Supervisors and our Duke of Ed Administrator (Kelly Aitchison) is the suitably qualified Assessor. Students just need to submit their journey log/report to Kelly post-expedition to get Assessor sign-off (for instructions on how to get Assessor Sign-Off, please refer to the fact sheet HERE!).


DOE Stakeholders Infographic

 Note: Please click the image above for a PDF Print copy.

If you do have questions you would like answered, you can find valuable resources on the Duke of Ed website at On this page, the Duke of Ed Office recommends you search the following keywords: "award guide" and "checklist" which will provide you access to relevant guides and checklists for each level. If you cannot find the answers to your questions in those resources, you can speak to your school's Award Leader or contact the Duke of Ed Office on 1300 4 DUKES.

Created by Kelly Aitchison (DoE Administrator)