Jon on Estate

Jon, our Estate Manager, is always on the go.

  • He's the hard yakka mower, slasher and leaf blower.
  • He's the chainsaw operator.
  • The tractor, ute, mule & farm equipment automobilist.
  • The garden and grass ‘waterer’.
  • The pump fixer, water tank filler and trench digger.
  • The vehicle fueller, and the gas bottle re-filler.
  • The fencer and gate keeper.
  • The firewood gather, splitter and pile burn torcher.
  • He's the flood devastation repairer.
  • The fire preparedness squad leader.
  • And the “all things maintenance” ‘go-to’.

Just take a look .... Somerset looks fantastic.


It wouldn't be in the great shape it is without all the hard work.
Thanks Jon!