GOLD QUALIFYING River & Ridge Wednesday, 14 Apr 2021 - Saturday, 17 Apr 2021



 Welcome Duke of Edinburgh GOLD QUALIFYING River & Ridge  Parents and Carers,

Are you the participant? - Please have your parent/carer read the information below and complete the details with/for you.

Are you a student? - Somerset Adventurous Journeys are only open to current High School students who are enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Before proceeding with this registration - Please ensure you have:-

green tick  Confirmed  you are a currently enrolled High School student

green tick  Confirmed  you are enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

green tick   Verified  the "mode" of transport is appropriate

green tick  Checked  you are competent and your fitness level will allow you to complete the full duration

green tick  Approval  of your Award Leader. This is required to ensure your Award Unit is aware and happy for you to attend. 

 Please find below:

  • Information about your program and Camp Somerset
  • Instructions on completing the online medical form
  • The first half of the form will request your child’s personal and medical details
  • The second half of the form will provide the opportunity to hire and/or purchase any equipment you may require.
Dates & Times

 Start : 9.00am  |  Wednesay 14 April 2021

 Finish : 4.00pm  |  Saturday 17 April 2021

Transport & Location

Students need to make their own transport arrangements to and from Camp Somerset. Private transport will be required.

The drop off and collection location for all students is at Camp Somerset, which is located at 411 Upper Colo Road, Colo NSW 2756.

Click Here for Map and Directions.

Toilets, water, tea/coffee are available if required before returning home.

Please note there is limited mobile reception in the Colo Valley. Please phone (02) 9483 9393 with any issue.


Our Open Expeditions are a fun and safe way for students to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys.

Groups will be formed with students from other schools and with any friends as requested in the form below. For example, your requests may look like - 'Ella Smith and Isla Hopkins' or 'any students from my school'. We will match as much as possible, however, do not 100% guarantee.

Somerset 'Open' Expeditions are a fantastic way to meet new friends, with many 'Open' students, who meet at the Bronze level, continuing on to arrange their Silver and Gold Expeditions together. 

Important to Note

green tick  Approval  from your Award Leader.  Your child must have Approval from their Duke of Ed Award Leader to participate in this Expedition.

Award Leader approval must be sought prior to attending. Pre-approval is a requirement of the Duke of Ed Award - if not sought prior and the Expedition is deemed non-compliant (perhaps as a result of school policy or a previously completed expedition not being the same mode) it will be at your own risk.

Preparation and Training

Before arriving at Camp for your Expedition...

You will need to do some preparation at home.  Our website has a wealth of information to assist you - food and meal, packing and gear, etc tips and tricks.
Please refer this for useful info in your preparation prior to arriving. 

Before heading out on Expedition...

  • Students will complete Preparation and Training in readiness for undertaking their Expedition, including route planning, map reading, camp craft, navigation, safety and first aid.
  • The Group Leader will conduct a 'repack' of the students' gear to ensure everyone has everything they need and that it is all suitable, and their rucksack is an appropriate weight.
  • Students will then embark on their Adventurous Journey and learn, develop and practice these skills as well as those important soft skills, whilst on Expedition.

Expedition Log and Notes 

During Preparation & Training and whilst on the Expedition students will be required to write and collect information that will allow them to submit a Journey Report when they return.  It is important that students come prepared with:-

  • Notepad
  • Pen(cil)
  • Large plastic zip-lock bag (important for Map, Route Planning and Grid Reference Sheets to protect from the weather). These items will be needed to include in your Journey Log/Report. 
Expedition Overview

Groups of not more than 14 participants, split into two sub-groups (an average of not more than 7 in each sub-group) are accompanied by a Qualified Group Leader who remains with the Group for the entire Expedition.  Each sub-group assigns their own Team Leader and allocates other roles that are rotated throughout the AJ, operating as a unique sub-group.

Our aim at Somerset is to provide an open environment in which the students gain a solid base of knowledge and skills, which can then be further built upon as they progress through the higher levels of the Duke of Ed Award.

The Qualifying Expedition has the aim of allowing students to apply the skills they gained during the Preparation & Training and Practice Expedition in a practical setting. Students are given the responsibility of leadership and ownership of their Expedition with the Group Leader being in a position to simply supervise the Expedition, assess the application of student’s skills and step in only for safety or to get students back on track. Before starting off, a check of equipment and route plans will occur with the Expedition beginning directly afterwards.

The Gold Expedition is the final step towards gaining all Duke of Edinburgh Awards. It is the most challenging Expedition with skills and knowledge gained during the previous levels drawn upon and applied in a more remote setting. The Gold Expedition is the most demanding-but also the most satisfying to complete!

Important Information.  Please Read .....  Click Here for a General Expedition Overview

Click Here  for an overview of the Gold Hike Information

Students coming to Somerset may swim in the river in the warmer months and may be involved in other team building activities.

Food and Personal...................... Equipment


  • All meals and snacks for the duration of the expedition & a small emergency meal
  • Mess Kit - Cutlery, plate/bowl, mug.
  • Water bottles for 3 litres of water. No purification tablets needed.
  • Rucksack – 60-80 litres (or hire from Somerset).
  • Tent (or hire from Somerset).
  • Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Mat (or hire from Somerset).
  • Clothing, shoes and personal items - refer to our Equipment List.
  • Pen/Pencil & plastic zip-lock bag.

Food and Meals.  Please refer to Page 1 of our Meal Information & Suggestions Fact Sheet to find a specific list for this Expedition.  This is an excellent document that not only clearly outlines which meals the students need to bring as part of the AJ requirements, but also some meal suggestions to guide your choices that take into account nutrition, energy and weight considerations.

Equipment.  A link to this Equipment List will also be emailed to you once the form has been completed.

Please keep in mind, affordable Equipment Hire and Purchase Options are offered by Somerset at the bottom of this form, and also via the online store up until midnight prior to the program.

Any purchase equipment orders will be labelled with the students name and provided upon arrival.

Group Equipment
Safety & Emergency
Support & Infrastructure

Somerset provides the following Group Equipment, Safety and Emergency Support and Infrastructure for your Duke of Ed Expedition.

  • Trangia Stoves (+fuel & matches). 
  • Cooking pots and pans & kitchen implements.
  • Fresh Water available at each overnight campsite.
  • Navigation equipment, maps and compasses for each Group.
  • 24/7 Group Leader accompanying each Group.
  • Onsite Program Coordinator.
  • Overnight Duty Driver.
  • Communications - digital two-way radios, satellite phones, spot trackers.
  • Comprehensive First Aid Kit per Group.
  • Remote Area First Aid qualified Group Leader.
  • Canoes & Kayaks Licensed with Waterways with full safety audits.

  • PFD Life Jackets for each participant.
  • National Park 10 year Premium Eco Pass License. 
  • Live Bureau of Meterology radar weather and  tide river level monitoring.
  • Involved in Rural Fire Service with access to information.
  • Risk Management Plans, Emergency Action Plans, Bushfire Management Plans including 24/7 transport backup for all Groups.
Where to find more information  Our Blog Page provides some great pre-planning information for students doing their AJ, covering:
  • Food and menu ideas for your expedition;
  • Hints on how to pack a rucksack;
  • Layering clothes for warmth and
  • Chosing a good hiking shoe.

And Click Here for answers to those "other" questions you may have.

Signing off your AJ


For any Pre-Expedition paperwork please provide the following details:

Assessor Name: Somerset Assessor

Supervisor: Somerset Supervisor

Phone: (02) 9483 9393


Adventurous Journey Sign Off - Qualifying Expedition
At the completion of your Qualifying Expedition, you will need to complete your Journey Report for your Qualifying Expedition.
It is recommended that you refer to and follow the Duke of Ed template, as it provides a good framework for writing a Journey Report.

Students will then need to go into their ORB and upload their Journey Report onto their ORB account under the Document section.
They will also need to upload the Email Approval and label it "Qualifying Hike Assesor Sign Off".

  1. Sign into the ORB

  2. Set up the Supervisor details - you will need to choose either Somerset or your Award Leader.

    If you wish Somerset to sign off your Qualifying Expedition in your ORB:
    set up the Supervisor as:  Somerset Assessor

    If your Award Leader at school is to sign off your Qualifying Expedition in your ORB:
    Set up the Supervisor as:  Name of your Award Leader    Award Leader's email address.

  3. Send your Adventurous Journey Event Participant Assessment Request email.
    Please ensure you write down the correct Level - Bronze/Silver/Gold Practice/Qualifying so we know which AJ you need signed-off eg; ‘Gold Qualifying’.

  4. Somerset will certify in your ORB that you have met the requirements via this email.

Click here for Journey Reports and Assessor Sign-off Instructions.

 Contact Us

 For any other questions or information not covered above, please feel free to contact us on 9483 9393, or email


Completing the Online Medical Form

Completing the Personal & Medical Details: Please take the time to complete your child's personal and medical details accurately. For specific instructions and management information regarding allergies, asthma, dietary requirements and other medical conditions, please refer to the ‘Read More’ links in the relevant section of the form below.

Collection of Information: In order to run a safe and efficient camp for your child, Somerset requires the collection of certain information. As we want to ensure this information is handled correctly, we have developed a detailed Privacy Policy, click below for a copy.

Privacy Policy

Somerset's Privacy Policy

Commitment Statement

Camp Somerset Pty Ltd, trading as Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre is a provider of outdoor education programs, mainly for school groups, Duke of Edinburgh Award participants and other recreation groups. Somerset requires detailed information from its participants and staff in order to run safe and efficient programs. Somerset considers the privacy of its participants and employees to be of utmost importance; hence Somerset has developed a comprehensive privacy policy that complies with the National Privacy Principles, as outlined in the Privacy Act.

Updated March, 2017

What information does Somerset collect, and why?

Somerset collects information from its participants and teachers to help ensure that employees are equipped to run a safe and efficient program.

Information collected includes:

  • Name - due to the nature of information requested of a participant or teacher, Somerset cannot collect information anonymously.
  • Contact Details (Address, Phone) - for correspondence in relation to gathering accurate information, for emergency contact and for administrative follow up.
  • Date of birth - for determining age and for identification.
  • Medical Information - to alert Somerset of any medical conditions/issues for each participant or teacher.
  • Medical Insurance Details – To assist in the provision of further medical assistance if required.
  • Dietary Information - As Somerset provides food on all their programs, it is important to gather any special dietary requirements to allow provisions to be made.
  • Physical Ability - Some of Somerset's activities involve a certain level of skill, such as swimming, therefore it is important to gather information on participant’s skill level.
  • Equipment requirements and payment information are also collected.
  • Other - Somerset may collect other information, such as information on social behaviour, schools and teachers views to gain further understanding.
How do we collect this information?

Somerset collects its information through an online form, accessed by parents and staff via a secure login. The online form also provides program information. All initial information is collected via this form, with any follow up information being recorded at the time of acquisition. Additional information is collected by means including:

  • Written and/or verbal communication with school prior to program
  • Written and/or verbal communication with the participants parents/caregivers prior to and during the program
  • Verbal communication with the participants during the program
  • Verbal communication with the school staff during the program

Somerset may need to collect information from various other sources, as deemed appropriate, prior to, during, or at the completion of programs.

How to we use the information?
In order to provide the participant with a successful outdoor experience, Somerset employees need to be well informed about the individual entrusted to their care. All Group Leaders carry personal information about the individuals in their group, such as name, medical information and dietary requirements, so they can support a safe and enjoyable camp. In addition to the Group Leaders, other departments and personnel access the relevant information they require to run an efficient program – for example; the food services department and staff receive all special dietary information and this enables the correct types of meals to be delivered for the participant.
Are there any other ways we use the information?

Somerset may use the collected information for research, risk management, statistical purposes, program planning, payment advice and school communications. Information may also be disclosed to a third party, in the instance that professional medical attention or assistance is required. Furthermore, Somerset may also disclose information under other circumstances including:

  • Where you consent to Somerset doing so
  • Where such use or disclosure is authorised or required by law. 
Is the information stored securely?


Prior to a program starting, the information collected is held securely in our online database, before being exported and summarized for the various staff. Somerset will contact the school and/or parents to gain clarification on uncertain details, or to obtain further information as appropriate.


Participants information is only carried by Somerset employees that require access for program purposes i.e. Group Leaders carry the relevant medical information for their participants and teacher. Other information is distributed to the departments that require it i.e. Dietary requirements to the food services department.


On course completion Somerset retains one full set of information to fulfill statutory requirements. This information is archived and stored in our secure on-site lock up. Some further information is collected/collated to assist with research, programming, risk management and statistical purposes. Where appropriate, identities are removed from this information. Information that is no longer required after program completion is destroyed. In order to support security of information held, management or approved staff man Somerset offices, and offices are kept locked at all times when not in operation.

Do I have access to my information?
If you require access to your information held by Somerset, you may request it in writing. However, there may be occasions when requests are denied in accordance to the exemptions contained in the National Privacy Principles.
What if I feel my personal information is not accurate?
The information that Somerset holds is deemed accurate at the time of collection, no provision is made for changing personal information after the program concludes. However if your details change prior to participating in a Somerset program we encourage you to contact us so we can update the information before the person it pertains to attends program. 

Medical Assistance in the program environment can be quite different to an urban setting. For information regarding access to medical care and response times from Somerset...

Click Here

Medical Assistance Information

In the event of a student requiring further medical assistance, Somerset will access care through Hawkesbury District Hospital, local private medical practices, private hospitals or ambulance if required. Somerset Base Camp is located 30km from Hawkesbury Hospital with a typical response time of 30 mins to/from Base Camp. However, as many of our activities and expeditions are conducted away from Base there may be significant delays until additional medical assistance is provided.

Prescription & Non-Prescription Medications: Is your child bringing medication?

Click Here

Prescription & Non-prescription Medication Information

Prescription Medications
  • Please ensure medications are brought in sufficient quantities, with instructions and spares to cover the length of program. In general, behaviour medications should not be suspended.
  • The supervision of prescription medication is the teacher's responsibility for school camp programs. For Duke of Ed expeditions, if a school teacher is not attending, the Group Leader will be responsible for supervision.
  • Please note details of any medications in the relevant section of the online medical form.
  • At the start of the program, please ensure your child checks-in with the adult responsible for supervision (as outlined above) to arrange and determine the supervision of doses.
  • If required, with prior notice we can organise medications to be refridgerated and transported with ice packs.
Non-Prescription Medications
  • Somerset Group Leaders carry and may administer non-prescription medications as deemed appropriate. These will typically be - paracetemol, antihistamine, bite creams, antiseptic creams/betadine, and gastrolyte hydration sachets.
  • Please indicate any restrictions or concerns in the administration of non-prescription medications to your child.
  • If your child is bringing non-prescription medications on program, such as ibuprofen or a preferred antihistamine, please note these in the medical section of the online medical form. At the start of the program, please ensure your child checks-in with their group's teacher (or Group Leader for Duke of Ed expeditions) to arrange and determine the supervision of doses.


About Camp Somerset

Read more about:

  • Somerset - As an industry leader with over 30 years of expertise, Somerset offers a unique blend of learning experiences, outdoor facilities, and activities delivered in a professionally managed outdoor education program. All programs (except Gold Urban Odyssey expeditions) are run at our privately owned Colo River sites, and the surrounding Wollemi National Park and State Forests. To read more about Somerset...

Click Here

About Us

Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre is located about 90minutes North-West of Sydney on the glorious Colo River (known as the last pristine river in NSW). We have been offering outdoor programs to school students and Duke of Edinburgh participants since the early 1980's. As an industry leader with over 30 years of expertise, Somerset offers a unique blend of learning experiences, outdoor facilities and activities delivered in a professionally managed outdoor education program.

Somerset offers the unique experience of tent camping which presents the opportunity for students to engage with their natural surroundings and spirit of adventure. We provide a fun and supportive framework for students to develop leadership skills and work as a team appreciating the value of friendship within. Our professional, tertiary qualified Group Leaders facilitate engaging fun activities, extending students physical and emotional capabilities, while enhancing self-confidence and self-reliance.

Our Centre operates from a central Base Camp which services over 40km of the Colo valley – a network of more than private campsites, many expedition campsites, hiking and canoeing routes into the adjoining Wollemi National Park and onto the Colo and Hawkesbury Rivers and numerous activity bases. Somerset privately owns more than 600 acres. Groups journey throughout the program area spending nights at a different campsites.

Our program area boasts over 20 activity bases ranging from abseiling and rock climbing on natural rock-faces to our Obstacle Course and infamous Wombat Hole. Our activities can feature throughout the journey with groups completing each pursuit as they move from campsite to campsite.

Groups are accompanied for the entirety of the time by one of our tertiary qualified Group Leaders. Together with their group leader and accompanying teacher, groups operate as an independent unit and are responsible to assist in group decisions and in managing their timings, equipment and meals. Groups in the field are supported by a designated 24 hour Program Coordinator (who is onsite for programs at Somerset), our immense support services and our communications network.

  • Our Staff - At Somerset we understand that having quality staff plays a fundamental role in a rewarding and safe outdoor program, hence why we carefully select only the best tertiary qualified, remote first aid trained and experienced Group Leaders. Our Group Leaders in the field are supported by a 24-hour Program Coordinator and operational team, all of which are on-site and verified according to NSW's Working With Children Check requirements. To read more about our staff...

Click Here

Our Staff

046 89 480 360 80 c

All Somerset staff participate in both internal and external training as well as seasonal inductions focusing on Somerset values and goals as well as activity briefings, group facilitation, safety management, logistical movements and updates to industry 'best practice'.

All staff employed with Somerset are verified according to the requirements of the NSW Working With Children Check.

At Somerset we understand the fundamental role of leaders to provide a rewarding and safe outdoor program, as such, our Group Leaders are carefully selected to ensure they deliver the best outdoor experience to all participants.

Our Group Leaders:

  • hold relevant tertiary outdoor qualifications including activity-specific competencies such as canoeing and rock climbing
  • are certified in appropriate levels of remote first aid
  • are supported 24 hours by our onsite operational team and program coordinator
  • are familiar with the local area and environment
  • are involved in regular training and development together with being cognisant of Somerset policies and procedures

Our Group Leaders are ably supported by our Services teams - Hospitality, Logistics and Estate and by our Administration and Management staff. These behind-the-scenes staff are qualified and experienced to deliver and facilitate the many facets of our operation.


  • Safety & Accreditation - As a leading professional outdoor organisation, safety is foremost throughout every program we facilitate. With an extensive Safety Management Plan; relevant industry certifications and licencing; our immense infrastructure and facilities (such as our fleet of vehicles and our private digital radio network), we can maintain the validation and safety of our programs. To read more about safety and accreditation at Somerset...

Click Here

Safety & Accreditation

IMG 3744 102 480 360 80 c

As a leading professional outdoor organisation, safety is foremost throughout every program facilitated at Somerset. All programs are supported by immense infrastructure and facilities and over 30 years of camping and programming experience. Each group is staffed by a tertiary qualified, professional outdoor leader and supported by a team of logistics, hospitality, and operational staff. Please refer to Our Staff for further details. Somerset holds the required and relevant certifications and licences for our operation. These, in conjunction with our own internal policies, maintain the validation and safety of our programs.

  • We are an organisation accredited by National Accommodation, Recreation and Tourism Accreditation (NARTA), involving a process of external expert audit, to ensure our programs are run at industry best-practice level.
  • We are a member of the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW (ORIC).
  • We hold a National Parks Premium 10year Eco Pass licence. 
  • We maintain our own licenced VHF digital radio network across the program area to ensure regular communications for all groups in the field and emergency contact if required. This radio network is supplemented by the use of landline, satellite and mobile phones and GPS locator spot trackers as required. 
  • We refer to the NSW Adventure Activity Standards for industry best practice, guidelines and ratios, and maintenance in relation to activities such as roping, canoeing, and bushwalking.
  • Our canoes are registered, inspected and maintained according to the requirements of the Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Our vehicles and trailers are registered, inspected and maintained according to the requirements of the Roads and Maritime Services.
  • We maintain a Safety Management Plan (risk assessment), Bushfire Index Management Plan and Incident Response Plan, as well as our own standard operating procedures and protocols, drinking water management plan. We regularly evaluate, review and update our internal policies and documents.

How to contact us:

  • Via our contact us page
  • To follow/like us on Facebook so you can see updates and pictures, click the icon below:

Thank you in advance for completing the online medical form.

We look forward to seeing the students on program!



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Student Details

If your school does not appear in the dropdown, please select 'Other'. If your Award Unit is not your school please select 'Other' and list the details.

Program Details

Emergency Contact Details (Parent OR Legal Guardian)

Primary Contact Details

Secondary Contact Details

Medical Insurance

Medical History

Please click on the Read More for further information and to see the details we require. Please note that a Somerset staff member may contact you to obtain additional details and/or to make arrangements for your child/ward's time at camp.

read more

Somerset Asthma Information


Our Group Leading Staff and key programme staff have current training in asthma first aid, including routine and extended management, as part of their remote area qualification.

Our Group Leading staff carry in-date ventolin relievers and spacers at all times.

At Base Camp we hold ventolin and spacers.

The camp environment may exacerbate asthma; please consider your child / ward’s asthma condition in context with the general camp information and the programmed activities.

Completing Medical Details

Please use the following information from Asthma Australia to assist when selecting the category/severity in the medical information in regards to your child / ward’s asthma:

  • Infrequent Intermittent - short, isolated episodes, usually in response to a respiratory infection or environmental allergen.
  • Frequent Intermittent - episodes happen every 6-8 weeks or less, with minimal symptoms in between.
  • Persistent - more frequent symtoms and attacks. Please provide detail as to mild, moderate or severe.

Please note down signs, frequency and severity, triggers, medications plan and daily management details, etc. You may also like to email your child's / ward's management plan Please also note anything different (to the below Asthma First Aid) your child / ward may need in they have an asthma attack.

Asthma First Aid

Somerset will follow the below Asthma First Aid in the event of an attack.  

Asthma First Aid


Please visit for more information and to assist in completing the medical details.


read more

Somerset Allergy Information


Our Group Leading Staff and key programme staff have current training in anaphylaxis first aid, including the use of an epipen and routine and extended management, as part of their remote area qualification.

Our Group Leading Staff carry antihistamines at all times. Leaders may administer antihistamines and / or ventolin where deemed appropriate to alleviate mild to moderate allergic reactions. Leaders may also administer antihistamines and / or ventolin as part of anaphylaxis first aid. 

You must send at least 2 epipens to camp with your child / ward. We will ask at least one epipen to be carried by your child / ward and at least one to be carried by the Teacher. The Group Leader does not routinely carry an epipen. However, an epipen will also be carried by the Leader for certain expeditions and activities when there is a indicated anaphylactic student in the group. 

At Base Camp we hold spare epipens.

The camp environment may exacerbate allergies; please consider your child / ward’s allergy in context with the general camp information and the programmed activities.

You may also like to consult with your Doctor / Specialist about your child's / ward's time at camp.

Completing Medical Details

Please use the following information to assist when selecting the severity in the medical information in regards to your child / ward’s allergy:

  • Mild - a reaction that is present at the site of contact only - rash, itchiness, redness, etc 
  • Moderate - a reaction with symptoms away from the contact site - rash, itchiness, swelling, general body illness, etc
  • Anaphylactic - breathing problems, swelling of tongue/throat, etc, emergency. Requires adrenaline.

Please note down signs, frequency and severity, triggers, medications plan and daily management details, etc.

You may also like to email your child's / ward's management plan to 

Please note if you do not wish antihistamines to be administered to your child / ward. Please also note if you child / ward will be bringing their own antihistamines, or other medications.

Please also note anything different (to the below Anaphylaxis First Aid) your child / ward may need in they have an anaphylactic reaction.

Anaphylaxis First Aid

Somerset will follow the below Anaphylaxis First Aid in the event of a reaction. 

Leaders may also administer antihistamines and / or ventolin where deemed appropriate to alleviate mild to moderate allergic reactions. Leaders may also administer antihistamines and / or ventolin as part of anaphylaxis first aid. 

Click Here for General Ana. Action Plan

Please visit for further information which may assist you.

Other Medical Conditions
read more

Somerset "Other" Medical Information


We endeavour to make arrangements so that your child can participate as much as possible in the program.

Our Group Leaders and key program staff have current training in remote area first aid.

The program environment may exacerbate conditions and injuries, please consider your child's condition/injury in context with the general program information and activity schedule.

You may also like to consult with your doctor/specialist prior to your child attending the program.

Completing Medical Details

Please provide details on:

  • prescription medications being taken (other than those listed above for asthma or allergies)
  • non-prescription medications that will be brought to camp (e.g ibuprofen and antihistamines)
  • conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart/blood disorders, diseases, syndromes, behavioural issues, anxiety, bedwetting, and sleepwalking
  • existing or recent injuries
  • recent surgeries

Please provide detail about your child's condition/injury/disorder in respect to:

  • symptoms
  • treatment
  • medications
  • possible restrictions on certain activities
  • arrangements we may be able to make, to enable your child to participate as much as possible on the program

A Somerset staff member may contact you for further information and to make arrangements.

You may like to contact us for more program details.

Dietary Requirements

read more

Somerset Dietary Information


During a camp our meals are served in a variety of ways, dependant on the type of programme. During each camp there will be a sequence of meals, including one or more of the meal types listed below:

  • Food is delivered to a campsite in group quantities and is prepared by the Group Leader with the help of the teacher and group
  • Food is provided to and prepared by students in a Teams with the assistance of the Group Leader and Teacher
  • Students are provided and carry expedition-style food and stoves to cook and eat their meals at expedition campsites
  • Students are served fully prepared meals in our dining room
  • Duke of Ed Students completing their Bronze Prelim day will be provided with certain meals and snacks.

In general, our policy is to provide standard alternatives for those with common dietary needs, and other basic alternatives will be available such as fruit and plain vegetables etc, please find details in this document.

We invite parents to decide if these alternatives are suitable for their child and, if not, ask that they send along alternative meals / food items as per the instructions outlined below in ‘Menu Planning and Sending Food to Camp’

 Please click below to view; 

Dietary Information - Vegetarian

Dietary Information - Lactose Intolerance

Dietary Information - Gluten Free

Dietary Information - Other

Dietary Information - Menu Planning and Sending Food to Camp

Hire Equipment

Please note: There are no refunds on hire equipment orders, so please be sure of your purchase. You can place orders via the Somerset Store up until midnight prior, unless stated otherwise.

Purchase Equipment

Somerset is able to offer good quality outdoor gear at affordable and often discounted prices. Our gear has been specifically selected to well-suit our programs. Any gear purchased will be labelled with the student's name and will be ready for the student to collect from their Group Leader upon arrival at camp.

Not sure what you need at this stage? You can come back later and order via the Somerset Store or via the Additional Equipment section on the School Camps and Duke of Ed pages. You can place an order for any equipment up until midnight prior to the program, unless stated otherwise.

Black Diamond Cosmo - batteries incl. (please bring your own spares – requires 3 AAAs), lightweight 86g, up to 200 lumens LED, 6 diff. lighting modes, up to 130 hour run-time on low lumen setting, (RRP $64.95) Somerset Price * $49.95 *

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoNalgene 1 Litre Bottle - assorted colours, leak-proof and extremely durable, wide-mouth, BPA-free, dishwasher safe - Great for camp and after! (rrp $19.95) - Somerset Price * $18.50 *

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoThe 3 Peaks Traveller - with hood, lightweight, waterproof (seam-sealed), breathable, Ripstop polyester fabric, stuff sack for easy storage, assorted colours, (rrp $70) Somerset Price * $59 * Please click below for further info. and a size guide.

read more

Somerset Rainjacket Information

Product Details

3 Peaks Rainon Traveller Rainjacket

Fabric Outer: Ripstop woven Polyester - strength that is waterproof, breathable and comfortable.

Fabric Inner: fully lined, mesh upper, taffetta sleeves & lower section

Features: all seams sealed, adjustable velcro elastic cuffs, reflector piping, tuckaway hood, packs into own poket, comes with storage bag, draw cord hem for additional waterproofing, internal security pocket, easy access zipped pocket, heavy duty zip, waterproof storm flap, reinforced studs.

Comments: The Traveller is a versatile jacket that is ideal for camp and everyday use. It is light weight and packs away to a small size.

Sizing Guide


  Small Medium Large XLarge
Height cm 160-170 170-175 175-180 180-185
Chest cm 85-90 90-95 95-100 100-105
Arms cm 66-73 73-81 81-86 86-90


Colours: we purchase raincoats in navy blue, royal blue and bottle green. Which colour is which size? This varys regularly - your coat will be one of these 3 colours!     

Further Information

Please have your child/ward try on the jacket when it is handed-out at camp. If the size is incorrect we can swap prior to the programme. No size exchanges can be made after this.

For a useful Fact Sheet on choosing a raincoat Click Here

IMG 0274rainjacket specsrain waterproof

Headtorch - Black Diamond Gizmo200cm long x 50cm wide x 10mm thick.A mat is needed for insulation from the ground and for comfort. A perfect and inexpensive option for camp. Purchase a sleeping bag below and get the mat for just $9.95!

Headtorch - Black Diamond Gizmo 360degrees Adventurer 2.5 - perfect for camp and Duke of Ed, offering more comfort than a foam mat, lightweight, anti-fungal foam, blue colour, stuff sack, velcro strap and repair kit, 183cm x 51cm x 2.5cm, (rrp $89.95) Somerset Price * $79.95 *

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Somerset Self Inflating Mat Information

Product Details

360 degrees Adventurer 2.5

Outstanding comfort along with lightweight versatility 

Tapered mummy shape, anti-fungal foam, brass valve, repair kit, velcro strap and stuff sack.

A more comfortable alternative to a foam mat.

How do they work? A layer of foam is sandwiched inside an air tight outer with a valve. When the valve is opened the foam expands and sucks air into the mat.

Instructions for Use 

To inflate:

Step 1: Check the ground for any sharp objects that could damage or puncture the mattress. Unroll mattress and lay ­at on the ground you have checked.

Step 2: Undo valve anti-clockwise and allow air to be drawn in, in­flating the mattress.

Step 3: Once fully in­flated, close valve clockwise. If extra ‑firmness is required, blow extra air into the open valve, then close valve with mouth still on valve.

To deflate:

Step 1: Fully open valve anti-clockwise

Step 2: On a ­flat surface, roll the mattress up towards the open valve – expelling air through the valve

Step 3: Once rolled up close the valve clockwise to prevent more air from being drawn in. Unroll the mattress and fold in half. Roll the mattress up a second time toward the closed valve. This second roll will force more air up towards to valve end, once you are close to the valve open it again to expel the ‑final amount of air.

Step 4: Close the valve again, and use the supplied Velcro strap to keep the mat rolled up tight.

Caring for your Mat

It is not recommended to store your mattress rolled up in its storage sack for long periods. For maximum performance of your self infl­ating mattress, store the mattress fully expanded with the valve open. This allows any moisture from your breath trapped inside to escape and dry out during storage. Storing the mattress fully expanded will maintain the memory of the foam, this allows the full potential of the foams’ expanding power when it is self infl­ating the mattress.

To clean your mattress, inflate the mattress and ensure valve is closed. Use a mild soap and warm water to spot clean dirty areas, rinse with fresh water and air dry out of direct sunlight.

ALWAYS ensure mattress is dry before storing.

KEEP AWAY from any open ­flames, sparks and embers

DO NOT use an air pump or compressor to infl­ate the mattress. 

 si mat

The Oztrail range of SLEEPING BAGS provide excellent insulation performance, and at our discounted price offer a quality investment. All come with compression sack.
*Special* - add a foam mat for just $9.95 when you purchase a sleeping bag - select below!
MICROSMART 360Versatile and Warm | minus10degrees | cocoon hood | rectangular-tapered | compact & lightweight pack size | 1.8kg | can be fully unzipped open flat | greater wriggle & foot room | rrp $199.95 – our price $120.00
TREKSMART 3Maximum Warmth for Minimum Weight | BEST FOR EXPEDITION AND DUKE OF ED | minus10degrees | cocoon hood | mummy shaped (snug fit) | compact & extra lightweight pack size | 1.6kg | rrp $179.95 – our price $90.00 - OUT OF STOCK
LAWSONEconomical and Practical | minus5degrees | contoured hood | rectangular design | comfortable soft touch material | rrp $89.95 – our price $69.95

Headtorch - Black Diamond Gizmo Oztrail or Sporttrek - 100% cotton, keeps sleeping bags cleaner. Good in summer with unzipped bags, and helps insulate in winter. The liner comes with a carry bag.

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoThermal Tops are 3 Peaks Polypro, long sleeved with crew neck AND Thermal Bottoms are typical long-johns. All thermals are black colour, 100 % polypropylene, durable, fast-drying, perspiration-wicking, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, perfect for warmth-layering at camp. (rrp $35) Somerset Price * $24.95 * Please click below for further info. and a sizing guide.

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Somerset Thermal Information

Product Details

3 Peaks Peak Polypro

100% Polypropylene fabric has been specifially chosen for its next to skin warmth and comfort. 

Durable and fast drying, polypropylene naturally wicks perspiration moisture away from the skin to help stay dry and comfortable during outdoor activity. Retains the body's natural heat.

Long-sleeved crew neck top and long john pants.

Comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Close-fitting with free movement.

Sizing Guide

  Small Medium Large
Height cm 160-170 170-175 175-180
Chest cm 85-90 90-95 95-100
Waist cm 70-75 75-80 80-85
Hip cm 90-95 95-100 100-105
Arms cm 66-73 73-81 81-86


Further Information

Please have your child/ward try on the thermals when they are handed-out at camp. If the size is incorrect we can swap prior to the programme. No size exchanges can be made after this.

Top Tips - How to layer clothing for warmth

 thermalsthermals 2

Headtorch - Black Diamond Gizmo Pack-towel - lightweight, compact, absorbent, micro-fibre, fast drying, large -size 50 x 100 cm, blue or green colour. This towel is perfect for camp and can be used after for sports, the gym or in the car.

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoOz Trail Blue Tongue - 2L water bladder inside small backpack. Reservoir - 2L, BPA-free, anti tear/microbial/fungal, silica gel bite valve, insulated tube, wide filler opening, bladder can be removed and used inside a full rucksack when hiking. Pack - assorted colours, adjustable waist belt, contoured air-flow adjustable shoulder harness, multiple zippered storage pockets, reflective strips, padded back. Great for camp and after.

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoKarrimor Urban 30L Capacity Daypack. Padded back and straps, adjustable buckles, organiser pocket, reflective detail and bungee cord. Colours - true blue or black. RRP $49.95 - *Somerset Price* - $39.95

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoSunscreen and Insect Repellent - Cancer Council Sport 50+ 110ml. Bushman Heavy Duty 75g ($29.95)

 Karrimor Cougar 70L Rucksack The Karrimor Cougar 70L is 600 Denier Polyester; reinforced with 420 Denier High Density Nylon. Has a 'SA2' back system for on-the-back and one-the-move adjustable shoulder, hip and chest straps. Complete with side compression, expansion side pockets, 2 lid pockets and a rain cover.

We highly recommend this rucksack to get you through all levels of the Duke of Ed!

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoWater/UV/Freeze proof. Protects maps from creasing and the elements.

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoFor use with navigation on all expeditions.

EXPEDITION EATS - Meals, Mugs, Plates & Cutlery

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoFREEZE DRIED MEALS - Main-size Back Country Meals. Just add hot water from your trangia cooker, stir, wait 10 mins and dinner is ready! RRP $11-12 - Somerset Price * $8.90 * Please click 'read more' for more info and details about preparation, ingredients, allergens, etc.
Please note: These meals are suitable for dinner meals only - lunch needs to be able to be eaten cold.
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Somerset Freeze Dried Meal Information

Product Details

Click here for Freeze Dried Meal - Menu Ideas

Back Country Freeze Dried Meals

Back Country Cuisine is a range of uniquely convenient food dishes designed especially for the outdoor adventurer. BCC uses the finest ingredienst to provide outdoor adventurers with nourishing, sustaining and tasty meals.  

(These meals are suitable for dinners only, as on Somerset expeditions the trangia stoves are not routinely setup and used at lunchtimes)


The flavours typically available at Somerset are below. (Flavours may sometimes vary due to availability)

The different flavours will be available at camp for students to select from before they set out on their expedition.

  • Honey Soy Chicken - a sweet and spicy blend of rice, chicken and vegetables (contains soy, sulphite)*
  • Chicken Alfredo - a tomato infused pasta with succulent chicken pieces (contains milk, gluten, soy)*
  • Beef Teriyaki - an eastern style dish of beef, rice and vegetables in a soy flavoured sauce (contains soy, sulphite)*
  • Cottage Pie - a tasty mix of savoury mince and veggies topped with potato (contains milk, soy, sulphite)*
  • Lamb Fettuccine - a delicate sour cream sauce over noodles, tender lamb and vibrant vegetables (contains gluten, milk, soy)*
  • Roast Lamb and Vegetables - oven baked lamb with mint gravy, veggies and potato mash (contains milk, soy, sulphite)*
  • Vegetarian Stirfry - a veggie medley with egg, infused with honey soy flavours on a bed of rice noodles (vegetarian) (contains egg, milk, sulphite)* 
  • Creamy Carbonara - italian style fettuccine and veggies in a cheese and mushroom sauce (vegetarian) (contains, egg, milk, gluten, sulphite)*

Please note:

  • *Manufactured on premises that proces gluten, dairy, egg, soy, fish, tree nuts, sesame and sulphite products. An allergen management program is implemented to store allergen products separately and ensure thorough cleaning between product lines. No added MSG (mono sodium glutamate E621) but glutamate products may be present from other processed ingredients. Please visit the Back Country website for further information on ingredients, allergens, etc - see the link below. 
  • in support of Somerset's 'nut aware' policy, we source meals that do not contain nuts/peanuts.
  • all meals are classed as halal

Easy Steps to preparing your Tasty Dinner - and you'll only need a spoon to eat it!

  1. Tear open pouch at the side perforation
  2. Pull open the base and stand upright
  3. Pour in the indicated quantity of boiling water. Stir thouroughly with your spoon, ensuring all the dry ingredients are wetted and lifted from the bottom of the pack.
  4. Reseal ziplock closure. Let stand for 10 mins.
  5. Create a bowl by tearing along the lower perforation.
  6. Eat and Enjoy!

freeze dried 

Further Information

These meals are suitable for dinners only, as on the expeditions the trangia stoves are not setup and used at lunchtimes. 

For a useful fact sheet on meal and food suggestions for Duke of Ed Click Here

For further information on Back Country products please visit the Back Country Cuisine website

meal flavours

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoSea to Summit X-SET Plate and Cup - Lightweight, folds/collapses flat, BPA-free silicone, comes in a mesh pouch. rrp $36.99. *Somerset Price $35.00 & comes with a FREE Spork!*

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoSea to Summit Delta Plate - lightweight, durable, thumb-grip, steep side-walls, BPA-free. Use as a plate or a bowl! *Somerset Price - $9.50*

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoSea to Summit Delta Mug - lightweight, durable, cool grip rim, 473ml, BPA-free. *Somerset Price - $9.50*

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoSea to Summit Delta Camp Set - plate, bowl, mug and cutlery, BPA-free. Comes in a mesh pouch. rrp $34.99. *Somerset Price - $30*

Headtorch - Black Diamond GizmoSea to Summit Delta Spork - a spoon, knife & fork in 1! Lightweight, durable and space saving. *Somerset price - just - $3.50*

Headtorch - Black Diamond Gizmo360 Degress Set - plate, bowl, mug and cutlery, BPA-free comes in a mesh bag. Lightweight and strong, made from polypropylene *Somerset price - $18*

Somerset Consent

I consent to my self/daughter/son/ward participating in activities arranged by Camp Somerset. I acknowledge that the activities may be of an adventurous nature, often in remote bush settings. In signing this document I am aware of the general nature of these activities and that these activities represent a departure from normal routines and may be physically demanding. I am aware that these activities involve an altered or increased risk of illness, injury or death arising from an accident or event occurring during an activity or within the camp environment.

I acknowledge that Camp Somerset, its group leaders and staff undertake to exercise due care and skill to teach my self/daughter/son/ward proper outdoor techniques and to minimise exposure to known risks. I understand that all hazards and dangers associated with these activities cannot be foreseen or may be beyond the control of Camp Somerset, its group leaders or staff.

I understand that the activities arranged by Camp Somerset might require my self/daughter/son/ward to obey instructions and co-operate with its staff. I warrant that my self/daughter/son/ward has an ordinary ability to comprehend instructions given in English.

I also declare that I have read and understand the information within the PROGRAM INFORMATION, I will read any Somerset EQUIPMENT LIST for my self/daughter/son/ward’s safe participation and will ensure I/she/he attend(s) with all the items listed. I also understand that it is a condition of participation to accurately complete any Somerset MEDICAL AND CONSENT FORM.