Duke of Ed Coffee

'Duke of Ed Drop-Off' Tea and Coffee Station

Up early... last minute packing... a few last minute 'forgets'

Then you hit the road early to arrive on time at Camp Somerset for Duke of Ed Expedition drop-of.

Base Camp is a bustling hub of energy and excitement!  Students arriving.  Names marked off roles.  Teams forming.  Group Leaders organising.  Equipment sorted.  What’s left to do???

Maybe, before heading off home, it’s time to just stop for a minute……

Relax. Breathe. Have a cup of tea or coffee.

A moment to refresh, to look around you and to enjoy the idyllic surrounds of the bush, the river and the grounds of Camp Somerset.

And that’s probably all you need, to gather enough momentum to tackle the rest of the morning.

So after the Expeditioners have found their Groups, why not wander over to the Tea and Coffee Station located near the amenities block and make yourself a cuppa.

Who knows…. you may even feel the outdoors calling to you.